Whacky Resources

Topics written by me:

…coming soon!

  • Classroom management and boomwhackers.
  • Boomwhacker advocacy:  what do they teach the kids?
  • Boomwhacker storage solutions
  • The math of music: an interdisciplinary lesson plan.
  • …and more!

External links:

LearnMeMusic professes her love for Mr. Sketch markers. (those awesome smelling ones you remember from your childhood.)  They just so happen to correspond eerily well with the colors of the boomwhackers.  The aliens did it!!!!!

I am a HUGE fan of Music K8 Magazine, and their site has an exhaustive collection of tips, tricks, songs, and wisdom when it comes to boomwhacking.  Pop on over to Boomwhacker Central for lots of knowledge!  In the words of Senor Pirelli in Sweeney Todd “I bow to a skill far greater than my own.”

A great post on creating your very own boomwhackers!

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