Using my stuff: a guide

I thought it might be a good idea to clarify the rules for using resources found on this site.  These rules only apply to items I have created, not to things I link to.

Classroom Use

The short version: Steal away!

The long version:
The whole reason I have set up this blog is to spread the joy of Boomwhackers in music education.  The only thing I want from you in return for using my stuff in the classroom is comments.  It isn’t because I am a narcissist, I swear!  It is simply because without comments, without people telling me that they liked my stuff and the kids loved your lesson using my stuff, I feel like I am throwing Boomwhacker music into the air without much rhyme or reason.  So please, tell me about your lessons.  Tell me about the funny thing that happened while playing one of the songs on this site.  Tell me if you found a setup or had an amazing idea that made playing boomwhackers a million times easier.  Tell me if I made a mistake.  Share a video of your class.  Ask questions.  Say whatever you want other music teachers to hear, but say SOMETHING.

So please, feel free to print these out, put them on your SmartBoard, use them as you would like.

Concert Use

The short version:  The honor system.

The long version:
Here’s the deal.  This site is a labor of love, but there is certainly a good deal of labor involved.  I spend a ton of time creating new music.  If you are performing any of my works in public, I do ask for a donation in the amount of your choosing.  You will likely be purchasing your concert music from other sources as well, and that can take weeks to ship.  Please don’t think that because I have made my work readily accessible that it is less valuable than music from a publisher.

As I said, the amount is entirely up to you.  You can donate $1 or you can donate $1000.   If you struggle to find an amount you think is appropriate, consider making a $25 donation.

Here is a convenient donation button via paypal.  If you want to donate in an alternate form, contact me at

Help keep me going!

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