About the Author


Hi!  My name is Ashley Evelyn Mazur.  Welcome to my blog!  I hope you find some great resources here to bring the joy of BoomWhackers to the world!

So you clicked this page because you want to know about me.  So here are some random things about me.

– I hold a B.A. in Vocal Music Education and Vocal Music Performance from the University of South Dakota.
– I am currently a cultural arts coordinator for a branch of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.
– I have a ton of phobias: paper, extraterrestrials, spiders….  And I develop more all the time.
– I watch terrible television.  If the show is borderline unwatchable, I am there!
– I have a special man and a special cat in my life.
– I first discovered Boomwhackers when I took an elementary music methods course.  All I wanted to do was play with them!
– I enjoy cooking, writing, singing, crafting, and being on the internet.
– My favorite taste and scent is peppermint.  I stock up every December for the rest of the year.  When I found peppermint chap-stick on cleaarance, I almost cried tears of joy.
– My favorite word in the whole English language is “Juxtaposition.”  My least favorite is “Sublime.”




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